as built - wie gebaut

We'll build a briquette factory for fabrication of lignite briquettes

This is the arrangement drawing (scale 1:200) of a briquette factory, placed in Knappenrode (Germany), drawn 192x, built 192x:
Sources: Energiefabrik Knappenrode, Bergbauarchiv Freiberg

We'll again build this briquette factory.
We'll design the building of this briquette factory with the installed static and rotating equipment as soon as tubes, chutes etc.
We'll communicate the technology of lignite briquetting.
Sources and knowledge: best practice
Energiefabrik Knappenrode

We'll schedule the possible construction and installation technology 
of this factory with 3D modeling and 1D scheduling
- enjoy 4D BIM ;>)
- see the future:


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Ingenieur trifft eine fast hundert Jahre alte Technologie zur Herstellung von Briketts aus Braunkohle.

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